Students and professionals' curriculum


Due to the Covid-19 emergency, this Third Edition of the Summer School will be held on-line again. The programme has been updated, renewed, and enriched with new contents considering that we will have to look at food sustainability from a new perspective in the after COVID-19 new world.

The first part of the summer school, from 6th to 19th June consists of the warming up module in which the lectures (documents to read, videos, case studies etc) are recorded and the participants are allowed to watch them at any time. 

The second module, from 20th June to 26th, consists of the core lessons module that, as the warming up, will be recorded and uploaded on the platform.

The third module, from 27th June to 1st July, will be made up of live streaming lectures, in the time slot from 4 to 7 pm (Italian time).

The last module (follow up) will be devoted to the final assessment and the evaluation form and participant will join the session autonomously and anytime.

Only for the "students" the summer school will also include a labour-intensive student-competition (professionals are not required to take part in it).


The whole programme (warming up, core lessons, live streaming lessons, follow up, case study competition and individual study) is supposed to be of approximatly 80 hours.


Attendance is compulsory.

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance is issued to those who have attendend the course for a minimum of 80% of the total amount of  lessons, passed the final assessment and completed the evaluation form.


Download here the programme