The programme of the Second Edition was designed by the Executive Commission made up of a teacher for each of the four areas called “Environment” (prof Bachiorri), “Food” (prof Bottari), “Economics” (prof Mancini) and “Law” (prof Pineschi).

In the first three weeks, from 3rd of June, the warm-up materials were made available which consist of recorded lessons, videos, texts to read and self-assessment tests.

A substantial part was dedicated to the "Case Study Competition" reserved for students, which saw the creation of 6 teams and periodic meetings once a week) with the organizer and coordinator of the competition, Professor Domenico Dentoni of the University of Montpellier (France).

From 21st June the recorded lessons were put online and in the week from 28th June to 2nd July lessons were presented in live streaming on MS Teams with a part of Q&A by the participants. 



"Planetary boundaries and food: an overview"
"Water footprint of food quality schemes"
"Biodiversity meets food"
"Waste and by-products management in the food factories - The case of cereal supply chain"
"Understanding the complexity of food sustainability: from theory to practice through the Food Sustainability Index"
"International and European Union Law: Key Principles and Food Sustainability"

"Sustainable development and agri-food systems: basic concepts"

"Sustainable management of quality food value chains"

"Communicating in multicultural contexts"


"Terramacchina" (a journey through the Province of Parma - documentary)
"Agriculture 4.0: is a high tech sustainable innovation of the food chain possible in the Anthropocene?"
"Enviromental sustainability strategy in MUTTI"

"Assessing sustainability in the food supply chain"
"Sustainability and supply chain, the future of small agricultural supply chains"
"Barilla and its approach to sustainability"

"The Classyfarm system: animal welfare, antimicrobial consumption and resistance in a one health perspective"

"Circular economy in food industry"

"Hard cheese and the eco-sustainable chain"

"General Principles of International Environmental Law: Legal Implications for Food Sustainability"

"Food Sustainability: Towards a Coherent Strategy in International and EU Law"

"The EU Novel Food Regulations: Operators’ Responsabilities"

"Food Sustainability, Health Claims and Labelling in the European Union Internal Market"

“Sustainable Geographical Indications”



"Climate change: from scientific knowledge to actions"
"Sustainable transitions in the agrifood system. Addressing environmental challenges along the supply chains in the Farm to Fork perspective"

"International cooperation, food safety, food security"

"Methods for the Recovery and Enhancement of Food Waste in a Circular Economy Perspective"

"Pappa di Parma, Food Security and sustainability"

"Achieving Food Security for All: The Right to Sustainable Food in International Law"

"Food Sustainability, Human Rights and Health: Global Challenges and International Law Responses"

"Food Sustainability and the Precautionary Principle in the EU: Internal and External Aspects"

“Sustainability performance of local vs global food chains”

“Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through Sustainable Food Value Chain Development”

“Innovation for Sustainable Food Systems: Drivers and Challenges”