Case study competition


During the whole event the students were involved in a competition entitled “Short Supply Chains and the Resilience of Local Agri-Food Systems: the Case of the Parma Bio-District” designed and coordinated by Prof. Domenico Dentoni, University of Montpellier (FR).



The path was aimed at exploring the themes of innovation, resilience and adaptation of local agri-food production systems to the stimuli of the environment in which they operate. Starting from the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the local and global agricultural production and listening to the narration of some farmers of the Biodistrict of Parma, the competition offered a virtual place for discussion aimed at identifying initiatives and strategies, at a company, supply chain and system level, able to deal with the current state of emergency and any future shocks.

The last day of the Summer School, July the 2nd, a jury made up of professors Bachiorri, Dall'Asta, Dentoni, Guareschi, Mancini and Inglese who assessed the proposals that the six student teams prepared during the previous weeks and selected the best group work.

The winning team was the one made up of five Italian and Indian students with the "How to envision a stronger resilience of the Parma agri-food system - A strategy to increase the involvement of younger generations in local agro-businesses and to broaden the consumer spectrum of short supply-chains" project.

To them, and to all the teams goes our congratulations. The School very much appreciated the effort they put in it and the brilliant proposal they had come out with.