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“I had many stimuli to work on in the next months, thank you for the opportunity to follow this course!”

“Thank you for this wonderful experience, we have learned many things from this summer school, and of course, we hope that the pandemic will end very soon and then we could attend personally to summer school with more interaction.”

“I think It was an amazing experience. Really sorry It was not in presence but all the organizing team and professors did their best to make this a worthy experience. Grateful to be part of this Summer School.”

“Only one thing I missed during this international Summer School is Italy.”

“It was a great organization.”

“Considering the situation in which it was held I think it was managed very well. Of course doing it in person would have been very different but I think it was very useful for me, especially to give me new point of view and maybe new ideas.”

“Group work for me, that was the highlight of the programme, because I met really great people with whom we worked together and had lively discussions.”